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Check here for the varieties we are currently picking and have available. We are not a pick your own orchard. We do our best to update this page daily, if you are concerned about a particular variety PLEASE BE SURE TO CALL AHEAD

*Peaches are available July 1 - August 31
Fall apples are available August 20 - December 1*
*These are approximate dates*

Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 5:00
Cash or Check Only
(ATM available for customers)

Available Today
White Lady Peaches 

Yellow Freestone Peaches
Lodi Apples
Early Gold Apples

Coddle Creek Nut Butters
Elderberry Syrup by Jewell of All Trades
Spring Honey 
Rada Knives
Happy Home Flavoring
Dutch Kettle Products


The apple varieties listed below are grown at Tevepaugh Orchards 

Ginger Gold

Sweet-tart, good for eating and cooking. 


Sweet, great for snacking. 


Sweet-tart, very popular for its rich flavor. 


Sweet, with a hint of tart. Good for eating and cooking.

Early Fuji

Sweet, good for eating.

Golden Delicious

"All-purpose apple", good for baking, cooking or eating.


Sweet, good for cooking and baking.

Red Delicious 

Sweet, good for eating.


Sweet-tart, good for eating.

Stayman Winesap

Tart, crisp, good for baking, cooking and snacking.

Red Rome

Slightly tart, good for eating and baking.


Sweet, firm apple, holds well in storage.

Granny Smith 

Tart "all-purpose apple" good for snacks, cooking, and baking.


Sweet, holds well in storage.

Pink Lady

Sweet-tart, good for eating or cooking.

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